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Sugar White Sand

A Sweet Stretch Of Paradise Awaits

Stretch Out And Enjoy



You’ll smile every day!

It’s not about the size of the area that matters…. it’s about the quality.  When you GO in Miramar Beach, you will only have 4.7 square miles to traverse.  Whatever the vehicle, it’s a perfect beach town with sand that is as soft as the other side of the pillow.

Set A Course For Fun



Just another day in paradise!

Golf, tennis, happy hour…. you’ll love the choices.  Your mom will want to visit and so will your kids.  You will want to raise your family here.  By the way, did we mention that the gulf has some of the best seafood to catch in the world?  Well… golf is nice too.  Relax, Unwind…. and call this place home for a week, a month or a lifetime.

Shop Till You Ya Drop



Silver Sands and MORE…

What a special place to buy some gifts!  Whether you traverse the Outlet Shops at Silver Sands or the quaint gift shops on Scenic Gulf Drive, we have every option.  Yes…. even great little thrift shops.  On a rainy day (which happens by the way), you’ll love the possibilities.

Scenic Unique Drives


Watch the road… The Gulf Is The View!

Keep your eyes on the road when you rent a scooter or you just cruise scenic gulf drive in your car or truck!  It just so happens to be distracting looking over at the sun glistening off the small waves and the perfectly clear emerald water.  It’s stunning and distracting.  Yes, keep your eyes on the road.

Fishing Better Then Any



It doesn’t matter if you surf fish, head to a dock on the bay, or head out on a head boat or a private charter…. get ready to CATCH!  Fishing is a passion in Miramar Beach.  The Restaurants cant wait to put the catch on the table.  It’s what matters here.

The Kids Will Have A Blast


If they are happy….. well….

You are happy!  Get ready for beach fun and way more.  Your kids will love Putt Putt golf…. bowling…. go karts…. water parks and just running on the sugar white sand.  Memories made ever day here on an 80 degree spring day with a breeze to cool you down in the evening.  Yes…. just what you deserve.

Go….. Play…. Stay

Live Here…. Vacation Here… Relax Here




Things To Do In And Around Miramar Beach

Defining GO on this site is simple:  Wherever you aren’t being active, you are GOING.  Enjoy Restaurants, Sightseeing, Shopping, and so much more.  When you need a break from all the action, there will still be satisfaction.  YES…. Miramar Beach has the most beautiful beaches in the U.S.!  Yet it also has some other things to see.  We invite you to…. GO!

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All The Active Things To Do in Miramar Beach 


Oh the places you will go!  TO PLAY THOUGH is what is all about.  The action is convincing.  Paddle away as the sun rises in the east and the flat waters of the emerald waters carry you away.  Stripe a drive down the center of a fairway while a Blue Heron gathers up it’s morning feast just feet away.  Rent a scooter and scoot down one of the most beautiful drives you’ll ever find.  Parasail, fish, or just enjoy some volleyball on the beach.  All the action is at your fingertips.

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Live here…. Vacay Here!

When you are on vacation you want comfort, space and luxury. Old beach houses can be fun but what about the comfort and amenities that you can get at a resort? Golf, Hiking, Biking, Fishing, Wildlife Viewing, Tennis, Basketball, Fitness Center, did I mention Golf, Gym, Miniature golf, Shopping, Restaurants, Live Theater, Cinemas, Museums, Swimming, Snorkeling/Diving, Boating, Sailing, Water-skiing, Surfing, Windsurfing, Parasailing, Jet Skiing, Shelling, Rafting, and GOLF!

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What Events Are Coming Up.

Concerts, Festivals, Fishing Tournaments and more.

Destin Is Right Next Door

Our small beach.  Perfectly situated

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