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Description Of Property

(Pet Friendly Villa)

………what we require of our guests. You absolutely MUST serve Charleston Tea (we furnish it) to your spouse in bed at sunrise. It gets ‘worse’. Did you notice the bar stools and table in the first picture? That is from our upstairs balcony. You are also required to drink wine from Deep Water Vineyard (we furnish it) at sunset. This is all included in the contract that we will both sign. Intrigued? Please continue reading… I have been in the enviable position of owning two other properties at Wild Dunes – Seascape and Ocean Club. The Seascape property was valued at $700,000 and the Ocean Club property was worth $1,200,000. That was certainly ‘tall cotton’ by anyone’s standards. Alas – herein lies the rub – I was not happy. My greatest desire was to awaken in the morning, propped up on my pillow with a steaming cup of tea or coffee in my hand, look out a massive window directly onto a scene of waves crashing on the beach. Visualizing myself opening the sliding glass doors, I would hear the hypnotic crescendo of the rise and fall of the waves and feel the mist as it seeped gently into the room. The crowning touch was to watch the sun’s golden orb edge upward over the water as I sipped my morning beverage and basked in the glow. However, at both of the other properties, if I propped up on my pillow and looked straight ahead, I had a glorious view of the…..TV. I could have done this back home.

As you can surmise, I am a dreamer. My web site does not have a lot of meat and potatoes. VRBO when I last looked had 7 Port O’Call listings (#661, #41704, #20357, #7381, #9703, #52420 and #46431.) I would suggest that you check these out and compare. All of the owners have a common goal – we want to meet your needs and insure that you have a wonderful vacation experience. What makes us unique vs other Port O’ Call villas is we are DIRECTLY on the ocean and have a third floor unit (no over head noise and better angle) allowing us a second story ‘widow’s walk’ that leads to a deck above our screened-in porch overlooking the beach and ocean for miles beyond. The screened in porch below the deck provides a distinct advantage for the top floor units. (Elevator provided at no additional cost!) We can truthfully brag that we have the best view of the beach from both our deck and porch, without exception!

Our villa has all modern conveniences and is updated annually by the owners – we cordially invite you to enjoy our new furniture, ultra modern appliances, freshly painted and newly carpeted vacation haven. A large portion of the wall displays an original painting of a beach sunrise, while other signed and numbered prints create interior beauty that is only rivaled by the real and actual breathtaking oceanfront view. If you are reading about us on VRBO, take note of the first picture. At the top of it click on the video icon. That will help pull together all of our still pictures. If you are reading about us on HomeAway, I will send you a link to the video when you send in an inquiry.

We are proud to boast that we have the finest housekeeper in Wild Dunes. If you are so inclined, you may picnic off our floor without the benefit of a blanket. If you are one who loves a deal, let me assure you that if you can quote me a better price from someone else, I will happily beat it. —Apples to apples—

We provide needs of those wishing WiFi that wish to use our wireless, high speed Internet connection to stay in touch with their offices. In one of the pictures you will note a desk that you can work from. We have installed a special screen for the window, that filters out the sun but not the vision of the waves lapping at the shoreline. Sorry, but you cannot stay beyond your week even if your boss calls me and says it is the most productive week of work you have ever had.

No one that knows me well ever accused me of embellishment! But since you and I are total strangers, and my writing may have an embellishing tone you are urged to click on ‘comments’ further down on the web page. None of them stand to gain financially from you renting our place. Their words come from the heart.

Location, location, location ! If your desire is to be at the beach, if you want to know it will be there right in front of you, all around you, 24/7, then this is the location for you. You can eat out at some of the finest restaurants in the South, play golf, tour Fort Fisher, or ride the bikes that we have provided for you. But what it all boils down to is the setting of our condo is all about the beach and one’s love for the ocean and certainly mine. Imagine our sadness for the past two years of watching the ocean slowly laying claim to our beach. But in the end it took us sixteen million dollars, four months, working 7/24 to claim it back.

The South has two major cities that reek of culture, the arts & history: Savannah and Charleston. It never ceases to amaze me I can have the beach and Charleston at the same time…two very different worlds, 25 minutes apart. They say Heaven is going to be a pretty nice place. In my opinion, it has some competition!

My first priority is to make sure we meet your needs. Much as we would like to have you rent from us, it is meeting your needs that is more important. To that end I have additional information to email you. Just fill out the form adjacent to this text. Ask any particular questions you might have. Hopefully I can answer them. Along with the answers will come the additional information. We only rent by the week all year round, Saturday to Saturday. There is one exception: you can rent January/February as an eight week block.

FYI: As owners and managers we have an awesome responsibility….your vacation. It has got to be as perfect as we can make it. For many people it is the biggest event of the year. On our web site we hit the highlights. It is your responsibility to narrow down your search. We hope we will end up in the top two or three. We have more information to share with you that hopefully will increase the chances on making a good choice whether you book our place or not . Click on: “Ask Owner/Manager a Question” As soon as I hear from you I will do a tentative block of the dates. I will respond not only answering questions but sending detailed information.